” Righ after the congest of İstanbul an 29 May 1453 sultam Mehmet in the conguerer  ordered education to be started in Hagia Sophia Sofya Mosgue – Museum) and Zeyrek Pantocrator Manastry (Zeyrek Mosgue) by the scholars and wise men of the day these are core of Istanbul University.

Istanbul University had there different periods;
Madrasah period      (1453-1846)
Darülfünun period (1846-1933)
Istanbul University period (1933- … )

Vocational School of Technical  Sciences is one of   7 Vocational School of Istanbul University. ”

Associate’s Degree at the University of Istanbul, Istanbul Vocational School in 1985 founded under the name began with Computer Programming.

In 1986, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine building, providing training in Leather Technology Program, in 1987, the World Bank with the support of Electrical and Mechanical Programs was established, in 1988, again with support Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Control Systems Technology, Industrial Electronics and Communication Programs has started training.

Istanbul University Higher Vocational School of Technical Sciences; Higher Vocational School of Technical Sciences, and Social Sciences Vocational divided into two, all programs except tourism program is connected to the Higher Vocational School of Technical Sciences. Since 1989, the Istanbul University Higher Vocational School of Technical Sciences has started training in the new building at Avcılar Campus. In the period up to 2002, increasing the number of programs in our Higher Vocational School, 18 formal and 8 secondary education, and reached a total of 26 programs.

Computer Programming and Programming, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Industrial Electronics, Industrial Automation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Mechanical, Automotive Program training in rearranging, MEB-YÖK Higher Vocational School Curriculum Development Project, prepared training plans were aligned in 2002.

Also In 2002, at our Higher Vocational School in the METEB established under the Electricity Programme (Alibeyköy – secondary education), Electricity Programme (Gültepe – secondary education), Industrial Electronics Programme (Bayrampaşa – secondary education), Chemistry Programme (Bayrampaşa – secondary education), Plastic Technology Programme (Bayrampaşa – secondary education), Machinery – Design and Construction Programme (Avcılar – secondary education), Child Development Programme (Bakirköy – secondary education) started training.

But the 2002-2003 academic year METEB comprehensive training that Machine – Picture Construction Programme and the 2003 – 2004 academic year, the Electric Programme (Gültepe), 2005-2006 academic year the Chemicals, Plastics Technology, Industrial Electronics (Bayrampaşa), Electricity (Alibeyköy ) and Child Development (Bakirköy) secondary education programs have been closed due to lack of staff and administrative discrepancies. 2006 – 2007 academic year, students in these programs were not taken.

In 2004 the name of the program Printing, Design Printing & Publishing Program, Control Systems Technology Program, Industrial Automation, Communication Program was changed to the name of the Electronic Communications Program.

In the 2009-2010 academic year studies with the European Qualifications Framework, the YÖK decided, in our Higher vocational School Program names ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education) were rearranged according to the department code.

In our country, rapidly growing in recent years at the request of some sectors, considering the need of trained staff,at our Higher School between Istanbul University and TASEV(Turkey Shoes Industry Research and Development and Education Foundation) signed on 16.01.2009 the Protocol requires Footwear Design and Production Program in the 2009-2010 academic year was opened. Between Istanbul University and Turkish Airlines signed the preliminary protocol requirements, in the 2009-2010 academic year Civil Aviation and Cabin Services Flight Technology Program began training.

At our Higher School is still 20 Formal Education in Curriculum and 9 secondary education is ongoing.

In 2010 between Istanbul University and Büyükçekmece Municipality signed protocol the need at High School providing training in the Rubber and Plastics Technology, Ceramics, Glass and Tile and Private Security and Protection Programs in the 2010-2011 academic year at Büyükçekmece Tepecik Campus has started training in the building allocated to them.

Istanbul University Higher Vocational School of Technical Sciences been a pioneer in technical education has a history and there are equipped with modern teaching materials. Students grown up in a good way in here and they are employed as a graduate.



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